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Removing & Replacing Asphalttitle

Why Remove and Replace Asphalt?

When it comes to asphalt paving, extreme weather and heavy loads can take a toll on the pavement’s structure, causing it to crack and shift over time. If your parking lot or road is breaking down, it may be time to do a full pavement removal and replacement, instead of trying to save sections and overlay or patch to salvage the lot. It’s more cost-effective in the long run to completely remove replacing asphalt completely, which will last longer and provide better protection of the underlying foundation.

What Is Asphalt Removal & Replacement?

Asphalt removal and replacement is exactly what it sounds like, and for this type of job we actually grind down or remove the lot in sections. We then haul it away leaving only the underlying base, if necessary, additional base material is added to strengthen the foundation. The new or existing base is then rolled to grade, which will help with water drainage and preservation of the new asphalt. After the base is compacted, we apply a new layer of fresh asphalt and roll it to specified thickness, leaving you with a fresh new lot.

When Would Complete Asphalt Replacement Be Necessary?

This is normally determined by an in person consultation, but a good indication is if your asphalt is dried out, cracked and deteriorating to the point where an asphalt overlay would only fix the surface problem areas and base issues are what you really have, a remove and replace is needed. Yes, patch repairs, filling cracks, sealcoating and striping will cost you a lot less in the short term, but if the lot is beyond repairs, they are only delaying the inevitable and the pavement will fail soon. It’s much more affordable in the long run to replace the lot and establish a pavement maintenance program that works with in your budget.

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