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New Pavementtitle

New pavement is not generally the cheapest option, but sometimes it the only option. Some cases where it might be your only option is when you have new construction, when you’re expanding and existing lot or driveway, or you may need to correct grading issues on the underlying base. Smooth Paving can install new asphalt over existing base material, or on new soil where we build and establish a good base prior to paving. One of our highly trained experts will be happy to inspect your space and provide you expert advice on the right steps to take.

How We Do It…

To achieve a quality new paved surface, a solid base is of the greatest importance. The base for Smooth Paving new asphalt construction is crushed aggregate. Our in house qualified grading crews install the stone and prepare the subbase in preparation for the installation of the new asphalt.

For new projects asphalt is typically installed in two layers depending on the thickness of the asphalt being laid down as well as how much traffic a parking lot has. When new projects are being constructed the stone and base layer of asphalt is installed so that the project can be built off of a solid, clean surface where you don’t have issues later on.

The binder course consists of larger stones for strength and is thicker than the surface layer for more strength. After the construction activities have been completed, the final layer of asphalt can be installed. This is known as the surface course asphalt.

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