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Improve Pavement Endurance with Crack Filling

Nothing can ruin the appearance of a property more and then a cracked, ragged, run down looking parking lot. One way to preserve the life of your pavement and keep it from cracking and eroding is with filling the major crack with hot rubber crack filling. We offer crack fill services to commercial clients in and around the Chicagoland area who are interested in protecting their asphalt surface, and investment.

The Smooth Process

If we have determined that your pavement would benefit from crack repair services, our team will route the cracks if necessary, clean them, and finally use a hot rubberized compound to fill them and prevent them from spreading. The rubberized compound will effectively seal the crack and protect it from further water intrusion into the underlying sub-base. It is an pliable compound, which means it will expand and contract with the pavement as the weather changes, providing an affordable short-term solution. It is best to fill cracks as soon as they form to prevent them from spreading and forming what is known as alligator/spider cracking, which are non-repairable without patching the asphalt.

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