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Green Oaks Commercial Paving & Sealcoating Solutions

To make a good impression to customers a parking lot should look clean, free of holes and cracks, and smooth. Business owners in Green Oaks, Illinois who want their parking lot to look and function properly choose the asphalt specialists Smooth Paving & Snow Services. Smooth Paving & Snow Services is a family-owned and operated business that thrives on providing the highest quality of asphalt contractor services. We’re always excited to speak with our customers and discuss how our expertise and knowledge can help them with their next project.

Green Oaks, Illinois Commercial Asphalt Paving Contractor

Smooth Paving provides services in Green Oaks, Illinois and surrounding Chicagoland Suburbs for your asphalt, paving, sealcoating, striping and more needs. Our paving solutions and services are noted below:

  • Green Oaks Removing & Replacing Asphalt
  • Green Oaks Asphalt Overlays
  • Green Oaks New Pavement
  • Green Oaks Asphalt Repair
  • Green Oaks Sealcoating
  • Green Oaks Concrete & ADA
  • Green Oaks Milling & Resurfacing
  • Green Oaks Striping
  • Green Oaks Crack Filling
  • Green Oaks Asphalt Maintenance Planning


Leading asphalt contractor Smooth Paving provides our customers in Green Oaks with complete paving and concrete services. We can repair, install, and maintain your parking lot or other paved surfaces.


Green Oaks, Illinois

Lake County, 32 miles NW of the Loop. Green Oaks originally incorporated as Oak Grove in 1960. Initial zoning prohibited all but single-family dwellings on lots between one and five acres. In 1989 the village annexed Lamb’s Farm, a nonprofit commercial attraction that serves adults with mental disabilities. While land on the west side of the toll road remained residential, Green Oaks began annexing land east of the tollway in unincorporated Rondout for industry. Businesses included a concrete plant and a recycling plant.



Smooth Paving is the professional asphalt contractor that Green Oaks residents contact for all their Commercial – Industrial – Retail  asphalt paving and concrete needs. We have experience to provide our customers with superior services. Contact Smooth Paving for all your asphalt and concrete services today.