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Asphalt Paving Maintenance

March 30th, 2018

Asphalt Paving Maintenance  

Asphalt parking lots are always a favorite for commercial building owners. Asphalt not only can be re-used but the fact that asphalt is easy to repair also makes it a preferred choice of material for many business owners, facility managers and property managers. Whether you have a shopping center, a gated community, a church or a few hundred properties, Smooth Paving has done all sorts of asphalt paving and repairs.

Asphalt Parking Lots

Like you, we have been noticing a considerable amount of potholes and cracked up asphalt parking lots in desperate need of asphalt paving or asphalt repair. Unfortunately, the long, cold winter has taken its toll on all asphalt surfaces in the region- from commercial asphalt parking lots to private asphalt roads. 

But, how does the cold season wreak such havoc on our asphalt parking lots and other asphalt surfaces? How is it that a freezing winter can lend to the need for asphalt paving services come spring?  Well, for one, all that cold white stuff falls and coats asphalt surfaces.  When the sun’s rays begin to melt that precipitation, the water drains through the small cracks and seep holes within the asphalt.  However, after the sun goes down each night and temperatures begin to fall, that melted liquid begins to freeze again.  This freeze / thaw / re-freeze process takes place over the course of, oftentimes, days.  With each expanding and contracting that is characteristic of freezing and melting, the actual asphalt expands and contracts as well. Understandably, with time, this results in those tiny cracks and seep holes getting bigger.

How do potholes happen?

Well, as vehicles drive over these cracks that we just discussed, pieces of the loosened and compromised asphalt are pushed out and away and, sometimes in just a matter of days, a crack becomes a pothole.

Asphalt Parking lots repair and asphalt repair and maintenance is absolutely essential in not just preserving the integrity of asphalt surfaces, but also reducing the risk of motor vehicle damage.

If you are a facility manager, property manager, or business owner with an asphalt parking lot, please do a quick once over.  Inspect your asphalt surfaces for potholes or cracked surfaces before the problem grows.

View our asphalt paving services today or simply give Smooth Paving a call today for your next asphalt parking lots repairs!  We are eager to make your next project Smooth!

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